The Action | Outcomes

BETTER services provided include the following:

  • Evaluation through case studies and integrated analysis of the impacts that the implementation of the cooperation mechanism in the studied countries can have in helping Europe achieve its RES targets as well as the associated co-effects (market opportunities, grid requirements, environmental and socio-economic impacts, etc) for both Europe and third countries.
  • An action plan to foster renewable energy production, transfer and use in the EU member states, as well as third countries through cooperation initiatives highlighting its strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats.
  • Policy recommendations with regards to:
    • the implementation of the RES cooperation mechanism for each case study region and for the European Union;
    • the implementation of the joint project with third countries mechanism in general and;
    • the comparison of the third countries cooperation mechanism with the other EU internal RES cooperation mechanisms.
  • The establishment of a solid stakeholder network between Europe and selected third countries to foster RES cooperation and knowledge transfer.
  • Generation of knowledge and dissemination material and activities in order advocate in favour of EU RES cooperation mechanisms as well as RES deployment.