Regional Workshop - Turkey

By vmarinakis / On Apr.07.2014

15 May 2014, Ankara, Turkey

Scope and Objectives:

BETTER Regional Workshop in Ankara was organised by the Vienna University of Technology (TUWIEN) on the 15th of May, 2014. The event wtook place in Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources headquarters building.

The results from the case study in Turkey were discussed at this one-day workshop to get further feedbacks by different stakeholder groups, giving particular emphasis on the following issues:
- Closer look on the Turkish RES market (RES development strategy, challenges and benefits of RES grid integration, opportunities and barriers for RES investment).
- First results from the model-based assessment (key assumptions of the modeled scenarios, short and long-term perspectives for RES in Turkey, scenarios of the future Turkish power system).
- Assessment of RES cooperation between Turkey and the EU (conceptual and analytical framework to identify cooperation opportunities and barriers, framework to assess potential RES cooperation models from the viewpoint of an exporter country).

In line with the BETTER’s efforts to address cooperation mechanisms between the EU and third countries, this initiative was an effort to enhance inter-regional knowledge dissemination and information exchange on RES cooperation.